2016 Census of Agriculture

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2016 Census of Agriculture
Do you live on an acreage with your horses? Then you may qualify to complete the Census of Agriculture as an agricultural operation.

An agricultural operation is defined as a farm, ranch or other operation that produces agricultural products for sale. The definition does include horse operations that do not sell agricultural products but offer boarding, riding or training services.

The data collected from the census will greatly improve our governments understanding of the equine sectors needs and will empower our industry to build and maintain a sustainable and healthy equine lifestyle.

When you are completing your Census of Population questionnaire, it will ask you if you are a farm operator. If you answer yes, you will be required to complete a Census of Agriculture form.

You can also request a copy of a paper questionnaire or access to the online Census of Agriculture by calling the help line 1-855-859-6273. Speak up for your horses and your industry! Complete your questionnaire as soon as possible!

Completing the Agriculture Census is one of the MOST IMPORTANT surveys you as a farmer can do! It WILL impact your farm in the coming years.

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