2022 Youth Bursary Recipients

As an ongoing commitment to Ontario Equestrian youth, five, $1,000 bursaries are awarded annually to members between the ages of 14-17. The selection process is based on the individuals’ involvement with horses, their future goals, as well as letters of recommendation from their coaches. Family resources and academic achievements are also considered. The bursaries are to be used towards riding lessons, clinics, competition fees, continuing education, and other learning opportunities that will help them develop their skills and continue their passion for the sport. 

The Youth Bursary applications are reviewed thoroughly and recipients are chosen by our incredible Youth Bursary committee – all applications are sent to the committee with personal information redacted to keep them anonymous. Although the committee members wish to remain unknown, we thank each of them for their time, commitment, and passion for this program. 

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate and announce the following 2022 Youth Bursary Recipients!

Alexandra Neustaedter
City: Ottawa, ON
Coach: Ruth Allum
Discipline: Eventing

Description: Alexandra has a passion for eventing and is looking forward to the next challenge with her new mount King.  She balances her work (three part-time jobs!) and school schedules with volunteering at horse shows and lending a hand to fellow riders when needed.  Ruth Allum, her coach, commends Alexandra on her level of maturity, grace, and sportsmanship.  The bursary will contribute to the upcoming 2022 competition season as she and King upgrade to the Pre-Training Level.

Anabelle Menard
City: Alexandria, ON
Discipline: Dressage
Coach: Brigitte Rumke

Description: Anabelle won’t be the first to tell you that riding is expensive!   Working at the barn caring for horses, leading at summer camps, and exercising horses has provided her with a solid foundation in good horsemanship.  With support from the bursary, Anabelle is hoping to undertake her NCCP Instructor certification and to continue her Dressage training with her coach Brigitte Rumke as they prepare to compete at First Level in 2022.

Carmen McCloskey
City: Orillia, ON
Discipline: Hunter/Eventing
Coach: Rob Marling

Description: Like many equestrians, Carmen was bitten by the horse bug at a young age and has admittedly been obsessed ever since. She strives to learn everything she can and works as hard in the barn as she does in developing her skills as a rider, says her coach Rob Marling. In 2022, Carmen is looking forward to competing in the hunter ring and eventing with her mount Bowen. The bursary will enable her to pay for additional lessons, training, and entry fees.

Danika Houston
City: Brooklin, ON
Discipline: Eventing
Coach: Meagan Maloney

Description: After many years of riding lessons and summer camps, Danika has fallen in love with the sport of eventing.  She and her horse, Gambler, have since completed a successful first year of eventing with the help of her coach Meagan Maloney.  Having achieved her EC Learn to Ride Level 5, Danika aspires to continue her eventing career with her sights set on representing Canada in the future. The bursary funding will help Danika continue with her training and competition goals.

Jordan Warner
City: Brooklin, ON
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Coach: Belinda LaBelle Logan

Description: It has been a year filled with many personal challenges for Jordan. She has found that spending time with her gelding, George, helps to ground her and add some stability to her life. Jordan’s positive attitude and horsemanship skills set her apart, comments her coach, Belinda La Belle. She is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of her equine partner and works hard at meeting his needs and expenses. With the help of the bursary award, Jordan is committed to progressing in 2022 by putting George on a solid track and aiming for small successes in the hunter-jumper rings.

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