A Bittersweet Day

Hi Everyone!

First lets talk about the weather!!! My red Canadian shoes have bled all over my feet and my pants, my camera is water logged and so am I.

It was a bitter sweet day! Jill and George were amazing with 4 faults, we then waited for Tiffany and Victor. They did not appear. We thought maybe a lost shoe? Tiffany was not going but none of us knew why. Then came Eric and Derly Chin de Muze, what a ride, 1 time fault!!! We then started to hear rumors  that Victor and Tiffany had been disqualified  for a positive hypertension test by the FEI officials. I thought this can’t be, it’s impossible. We just kept cheering for Canada, hoping to make the top 8! Ian and Star Power went clean, and once again it looked like the impossible could become POSSIBLE! The buzz at the break was don’t get your hopes up, the top countries have not gone yet. Foooie, I was not giving up!!! 4 faults, 8 faults YES we are in with 5 faults and only 3 riders!!! Take that!!!  The curiosity was killing me as to the truth about Victor and Tiffany. What really happened?

The show ended and we headed to the Canadian Pub. Eric arrived first not sure if he should be happy or sad? He explained the events to me feeling Tiffany’s pain. Victor had a scratch on his coronet that they poked and prodded until he flinched and they claimed him unfit to jump. Did I mention a scratch? He was not lame! The FEI would take away Tiffany’s dream over a scratch? Jill then arrived and looked at me and said “is it ever easy?” The little pub was buzzing with WTF?

Ian, Jill , Eric and all the Canadian fans decided to let it go and say cheers to making the second round! The Canadian horses and riders showed determination and guts that made us all proud! My 2 favorite rounds other than our own 3 were Nick Skelton and Big Star and Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Casall! We all watched Andy Murray win his gold, that was exciting!

Then the sadness set in  when Tiffany finally arrived, she was in tears and it hurt all of us! Tiffany has worked hard to get to this point, she has mucked stalls, her mother (a single mom) moved homes so that Tiffany could take a school bus that dropped her at the Balisky”s so that she could ride, she broke her back and busted her ass!!! I know how strong she is, she will be back at the Olympics and take GOLD!!! So there!!! I have to go to dinner now!!! Cross your fingers for Canada, we are now a smaller team BUT we are Mighty!!!

I am having an Amazing time, but you can have the British rain!!! Look for me in the stands, I am the one wearing all the tye dye clothing that used to be red and white!!! LOL

– Kimbell

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