Care for race horses in cold weather: ORC urges vigilance

With the drop in temperature, all members of the racing community need to be on the alert and take extra care of their horses in cold weather. The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) has advised ORC Official Veterinarians and racing officials at all racetracks to remind participants to take the necessary steps to protect the animals.

Dr. Adam Chambers, ORC Manager of Veterinary Services, suggests that any concerns about weather conditions impacting racing should be shared with horsepeople representatives, racing officials, track management and the Official Veterinarian. He pointed out that there is an established policy of allowing a trainer to scratch their horse should the trainer be concerned about the particular condition of the animal due to weather.

The protection of the health and welfare of the horse is of paramount concern to the ORC and to members of the racing community. An effort to monitor the horse in weather extremes is in keeping with this mandate.

To view the Notice:

Notice to the Industry – Care for race horses in cold weather

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