Officials Certification

Become a nationally certified official – Steward, Course Designer, Judge, and more!

Equestrian Canada’s (EC) national officials program is your one-stop shop for training and certification. With nationally certified officials now being allowed to be hired at sanctioned schooling shows, OE is no longer offering the Equestrian Skills Development (ESD) officials certification and training program.     

Types of Equestrian Canada official’s

  • Course Designers
  • Equine Medication Control Technicians
  • Judges
  • Stewards
  • Technical Delegates
  • Para-Equestrian Classifiers

For current training courses offered through EC, please visit their ECampus. All officials’ training is offered under, “Live Training.”

Please click here to learn more about EC’s officials’ training and certification program.

All questions about EC’s Officials program can be directed to,

2023 Provincial Officials List