Provincial Officials Certification

Become an OE Equestrian Skills Development (ESD) Dressage, Hunter/Jumper judge, or a Hunter/Jumper course designer.

This program offers training and certification to those who have worked with an official and can provide a reference outlining their experience in mentoring or shadowing in one of these roles.

With those references, annual training and successful completion of a provincial level officials test, you can become a certified provincial official providing support to Equestrian Skills Development competitions in Ontario.

Many people who wish to become nationally accredited officials, start on their path with experience in this program.  

To become an accredited official, you must:

  • Become an active OE Membership
  • Obtain a current Adult EC Bronze Sport License (annually) *Coach License also satisfies the requirement 
  • Attend one approved(by OE or EC) official’s clinic (within 3 years) prior to applying for accreditation
  • Letters of reference from two active OE members (1 certified official, 1 certified coach)
  • Purchase the OE provincial officials license – $30.00 annually
  • Sign OE Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct (online)
  • Criminal Record Check –

Provincial Officials List

Provincial Dressage Judge Mentor List

Become a provincial, Hunter Jumper Judge, Dressage Judge or Course Designer: 

Provincial Officials Insurance Coverage:

Membership in your Provincial Equine Association enables you to apply for low cost broad coverage insurance for any officiating and course design. Click HERE