In the verified expertise section of the licensed coach, how do I prove I have 15+ years experience?

If you are self-declaring as an experienced coach, the EC Application will ask you to self-declare your experience and your reference letters from students or employers will help determine your length of experience. Once you have applied for the Licensed Coach Status, you will be able to complete the application package to have your experience reviewed to obtain the certification exemption.  If Equestrian Canada requires any further proof of your coaching history, they will contact you directly.  The number of years of experience will increase annually until 2025, when there will be no option for certification exemption anymore.  Currently, exemptions are only being granted for a time-based window – until 2025 to allow you time to complete certification. If you are approved for a Coach Status with a certification exemption, you will not need to apply again for the exemption, as long as you keep the Coach Status active.

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