Why does the Coach Status program require the purchase of an EC Sport Licence – this seems to tie the program to competition. Do I need the Coach Status if I am not coaching in competition or if I am only a part-time coach?

In Equestrian sport, it is common for members to wear many hats – owner, athlete, coach, official, facility owner, competition organizer, etc. Prior to the introduction of the Coach Status program, certified coaches needed to maintain an EC Sport Licence as one of the requirements of having Active status. This program has simply expanded to allow uncertified coaches to self-declare for Coach Status, and the level of screening requirements has been adjusted to respect the new Safe Sport policies adopted by Equestrian Canada in 2020.


The minimum level of Sport License required for ALL Coaches has been reduced to Bronze in 2021.
The Coach Status is not only required for coaches at competition but setting a standard for coaching in the equestrian community, whether at competition or working in a training setting. Parents, facility owners and athletes can be assured of the coaches screening and training to ensure that a safe environment is being created to enjoy equestrian sport. Equestrian Canada is enforcing the Status at competition as that is where EC has governance – there are rules for competing. We know that coaches hold a position of trust and authority with their athletes and participants (human and equine) and believe that as the expectation from the community that minimum Safe Sport standards are available to coaches, they would choose to adhere to the same standards that professional coaches do.

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