Why is EC implementing a Coach Status?

Inspired by and in cooperation with the federal government’s Safe Sport initiative, our new Coach Status Program is designed to provide our coaches with the training and screening they need to elevate Canada’s equestrian experience and make it safer for all involved. While we treasure the traditions we share as equestrians, we’re also eager to bring the sport in line with current standards and the values that help define us as Canadians.

Across our country, coaches play a pivotal role in the foundation of equestrian sport. They are tasked with teaching sound methods and techniques while also fostering relationships that help shape the identity we all share. These are significant responsibilities, especially when it involves equestrians that are new to the sport. We’ve designed the new program to ensure that, throughout the Canadian equestrian community, coaches can meet this challenge with the utmost professionalism and care. Although the new Coach Statuses are paving the way, the evolution of safety in our sport will only occur when the entire community commits to the same mission.

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