Thousands of riders compete in a variety of equestrian events across Ontario. Here’s where you can find a sanctioned competition near you.

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Ontario Equestrian works closely with the Provincial discipline associations which allow you to compete at sanctioned competitions, across the Province at all levels. A separate membership is required if you are competing to earn points toward year-end championships. Please ensure that you purchase your OE membership first, before purchasing theirs.

Trillium Hunter Jumper Association

The Trillium Hunter Jumper Association (THJA) exists to provide a sanctioned, bronze, and silver-level, hunter/jumper circuit across the Province. THJA allows equestrians the opportunity to compete, grow and develop their horsemanship and sportsmanship skills.

You can purchase your THJA Membership on their website.

Ontario Hunter Jumper Association

The Ontario Hunter Jumper Association (OHJA) supports equestrian athletes on what’s known as the ‘A’ circuit or Gold Level. This support covers all levels of training and competition, including year-end awards and qualification for the national championship at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

OHJA memberships can be purchased on the Ontario Equestrian Membership page

Competition Membership Requirements:


  1. EC Gold competitive license: must be held by riders, owners, lessees, coaches, trainers, and officials.
  2. EC Horse license – annual license required for horses. The EC recording number for the current year must be provided to all competitions that the animal is entered into.
  3. EC Passport/Recording Number: all horses competing at EC gold-sanctioned shows must possess an EC Horse Recording Number.
  4. If you are competing at the Jumping Page 6 of 8 Platinum Level, you must possess either an EC or FEI Passport.

You should provide a photocopy of EC, OE, and OHJA licenses to all competitions with your entry form.

Learn More About the OHJA

Ontario Eventing Association

The Ontario Eventing Association (OEA) is committed to the promotion and development of Eventing in Ontario.

Eventing Competitions in Ontario are Sanctioned by Equestrian Canada (EC). A list of Eventing Competitions can be found on the EC Events Calendar

OEA memberships can be purchased on the Ontario Equestrian Membership page

Learn More about the OEA

Competition Membership Requirements

Level OE OEA EC Sport Licence Canadian Eventing EC Horse Passport
Pre-Entry YES YES* Bronze YES* NO
Entry YES YES* Bronze YES* NO
Pre-Training YES YES* Bronze YES NO
Training YES YES Silver YES YES
Preliminary & Above YES YES Gold YES YES

*Day memberships may be purchased at each competition, instead of full OHTA and/or CE memberships. Please note, when a day membership is used, points earned at the event do not count toward your OHTA year-end points.

Competition Membership Requirements for Horse Owners (If Rider is Not the Horse Owner)

Level OE OEA EC Sport Licence Canadian Eventing
Pre-Entry YES NO Bronze NO
Entry YES NO Bronze NO
Pre-Training YES NO Bronze NO
Training YES NO Silver NO
Preliminary & Above YES NO Gold NO

Canadian Dressage Riders and Owners Association – CADORA-Ontario

CADORA-Ontario oversees the Silver Dressage Competition Circuit and Championships along with many events and programs throughout the year.

Bronze and Silver Dressage Competitions in Ontario can be found on the Ontario Equestrian Events page, and Gold Competitions on the Equestrian Canada Events Page

You can purchase your CADORA Membership on their website.

Competition Membership Requirements

OE Membership EC Sport License Dressage Canada Mem. Passport
Bronze YES Bronze
Silver YES Silver YES YES
Platinum YES Platinum YES YES