Congrats to the British Team and to the Amazing Canadians

OMG! My face hurts from laughing and having a great time!! 2 things before I get started, Tiffany’s horse they say had hypersensitivity not hypertension, my mistake! I have Hypertension! LOL Betsy MILLAR also pointed out the correct spelling of MILLAR! Sorry simple mistake, CURTAIN, KIRTON!

What a day for all of us, the stadium was on fire today! Congrats to the British Team and most of all to the amazing Canadians!!! 5th place with horses that probably, all costs in, don’t equal the other teams Chef’s wages. They rock!

Just left the Canadian Pub and the spirit is high amongst our team! The Canadian riders and fans are not giving up on an individual medal! Ian and Eric both qualified for Wednesday’s individual competition , and they seem confident, that is good enough for me! GO ERIC and IAN!!!  I am writing this quickly as they have only given me 30 minutes before we meet Eric for dinner! It will be another Italian shower for me! LOL

My french friends are having a hard time with the English accent, Harrods comes out as Harolds and forget Flameng asking for Worcestershire sauce!!! It was a very special day in London today, it just started raining now at 8:30 pm. What a treat! Another treat for me is to see our next Chef for Canada Mark Laskin! We talked for hours about old stories, stories that happened before Delphine (Eric Lamaze’s groom) was even born! Sad! Mark says we are old, but I think not! LMAO I will report in after dinner!

Don’t miss the next Olympics, book in now for Rio!


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