Equestrian Organizations

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Equine Mounted Games Canada – Ontario

Equine Mounted Games Canada – Ontario Newmarket

Mounted Games is an equestrian sport where riders play relay races on ponies up to 15 hands tall, demonstrating athletic ability, excellent riding skills, determination, perseverance, and a competitive spirit. Ponies are responsive, agile, and have an unflappable personality. Riders and their ponies enjoy competition in a fun and social atmosphere. Mounted Games were originally […] View
Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit

Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit Coe Hill

Our mission is to serve every community with respect and dignity, and to do so with honor, integrity, and pride under all circumstances. To encourage health and safety among equine enthusiasts mounted and non-mounted. View
Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club

Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club

The Wellington-Waterloo Hunt is a small, friendly group of enthusiasts who enjoy the camaraderie and sport of riding to hounds. Guests are always welcome and we are proud to encourage young riders and families to sample the joys of our sport. Please visit our website for more details. View