Daventry Equine Appraisal Services

Daventry Equine Appraisal Services

We have traveled all over the United States and Canada conducting equine appraisals and have also appraised some of the top jumper and dressage horses in Europe. We have been hired as an appraiser and consultant on many court cases, qualified as an “Equine Expert” in court proceedings in both Canada and the United States, completed appraisals for multi-million dollar estate and insurance settlements, tax audits, and have even done a large appraisal involving over 100 horses for a non-profit organization in the United States. We have over 5,000 hours of appraisal experience, and to date, have helped our clients win over two million dollars in dispute cases and settlements. Combined with our background and credentials in the horse industry, Daventry Equine Appraisals and expertise provides a valuable asset in the courtroom!

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