Equine Mounted Games Canada – Ontario

Equine Mounted Games Canada – Ontario

Mounted Games is an equestrian sport where riders play relay races on ponies up to 15 hands tall, demonstrating athletic ability, excellent riding skills, determination, perseverance, and a competitive spirit. Ponies are responsive, agile, and have an unflappable personality. Riders and their ponies enjoy competition in a fun and social atmosphere.

Mounted Games were originally created by Prince Philip.  In 1957, the first Mounted Games Championship for the Prince Philip Cup was a great success at the Horse of the Year Show in London, England.

The International Mounted Games Association was formed in 2003 reflecting the desire of its founder, Norman Patrick, to include riders of all ages and nationalities. From 1984 until his death in 2001, Norman Patrick championed the expansion of Mounted Games, currently enjoyed in twenty-two  countries!

Equine Mounted Games Canada Inc. (EMGC) is a not-for-profit organization that originated in 2013 based on the hopes and dreams of a small group of experienced Mounted Games riders whose goal was to develop and promote the sport in Canada. This dream has come to fruition as the organization continues to grow with members across Canada.

In April 2014, EMGC became recognized by the International Mounted Games Association (IMGA) as the official body representing Canadian Mounted Games. This IMGA membership entitles our riders to many opportunities including developing their skills with world-renowned riders, and competing internationally.

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Michelle Cruikshanks - President; Tammy Finlay -Secretary

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1195 Stellar Drive, Unit 10
Newmarket, Ontario Canada
L3Y 7B8

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Tammy Finlay: 905-261-6944; Michelle Cruikshanks: 705-341-5752

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