Wild Hearts Ranch

Wild Hearts Ranch

For horse enthusiasts throughout Algoma, Prince Township is known for the tradition of horse farms, ranches, and stables. The history of raising and riding horses for many in Prince goes back generations.

Wild Hearts Ranch is one of those heritage horse farms that has recently been taken over by Operator/ Instructor Jennifer-Lee Teresinski, whose upbringing with her family in Prince Township was all about her horses.

Formerly known as Marin Meadows, the stable was managed by Mike and Patty Marin for close to 20 years. They handed the reins over to Jennifer in 2019. Fortunately, lockdowns and indoor restrictions during the pandemic did not negatively impact Ms. Teresinki’s efforts to relaunch the facility, as parents were searching to find enjoyable outdoor activities for their children. Her new enterprise benefited also by the encouragement of the local horse community, eager volunteers, supportive family and friends, as well as the many riding lesson students, parents and guests who left with smiles.

Former operators, the Marins, were instrumental in mentoring Jennifer through the ins and outs of the farm and homestead, as well as mentoring her on their experiences as stable owners.

For horse care and feeding, there were individuals like Veterinarian Keith Good, Ferrier Kenny Prince, and local businesses serving farmers, like Cindy at Algoma Co-Op and Brent at Peavey Mart.

Walking into the equine world makes you understand and appreciate what’s required to enjoy and connect with the majestic horses.


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