Dressage Canada Brings the Highly Successful Performance Advantage Symposium North

Dressage Canada presents the inaugural Performance Advantage Symposium in Canada. The first of the two symposiums will be held in the East in Stouffville, ON June 14-15, and will travel to the West in Calgary, AB to be held June 24-25.

Today’s top athletes use a full spectrum of tools available to develop their performance including mental, physical, complimentary and supplementary. By providing their professional insight for beginners, avid amateurs and rising stars, the Performance Advantage Symposium presenters will include some of Canada’s best talent in the fields of high performance competition, judging, mental training and conditioning, sport science, sport physiotherapy, performance analysis, horse welfare and veterinary care, and supplement support for the high performance athlete. Each presenter will share their advice and guidance on how to use and develop tools for performance development on and off the field.

“The Florida Fortnight held in Wellington in January 2014 was an outstanding success and many of the attendees expressed the wish for Dressage Canada to set up the same type of symposium in Canada. So, we are excited to bring Florida to you, with many of the same presenters that were so popular with our top riders,” commented Dressage Canada’s, Desi Dillingham.

Symposium Presenters:

Christilot Boylen, six-time Olympian and three-time gold medalist of the Pan American Games.

Alexandre Lamarsalle, co-founder of Equisens Osteopathy Clinic providing osteopath care for both horse and rider. (Ontario only)

Dr. Karen Nyrop, veterinarian with special interests in English performance horse care, lameness, pre-purchase exams and exercise physiology. (Alberta only)

Sandra Sokoloski, a physiotherapist with a focus on analyzing movement patterns, correct posture, body awareness and performance enhancement techniques.

Dirk Stroda, a professional self-development and mental performance coach for Olympians, World Champions, amateurs and professionals.

Cara Witham, the only official with FEI 5* judging credentials for Dressage and Eventing.

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc., manufacture of supplements including over 100 natural health products.

Top dressage athletes, Karen Pavicic and Belinda Trussell, have worked with Dirk Stroda as their mental performance coach. Both of them explained how powerful Stroda is and how they have used his advice for their own performance development.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Dirk Stroda for over seven years. After utilizing his coaching techniques for mental training, I immediately had improvement in my performance. I had previously had assistance from a number of sports psychologists however, once I had “Power of Coherence” I had the tools to remain in the “zone” in any situation. Dirk’s approach is unlike anything else I have experienced and is highly effective, not only for high performance athletes, but for anyone who wants to manage stress in their lives”, commented Pavicic.


“I had the opportunity to work with Dirk during the Florida Fortnight. He is an incredible person who is compassionate, caring and has so many tools in his tool box to help athletes achieve their personal best. During our sessions he gave me wonderful exercises and thoughts which I use daily in life and in competition. I am grateful he is in my life and I will continue to use Dirk throughout my career,” said Trussell.


The symposium will provide useful insight for riders of all levels, coaches, parents, friends and colleagues. Attend both days to gain the most out of what the presenters offer and develop your full spectrum of tools to help you on and off the field.


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* Please note if you are attending the Calgary, AB symposium being held in conjunction with the CDI3*, Gold Level event, advance stabling is available.  Requests for stabling should be submitted to the stabling manager, Erin James at encanny@hotmail.com.


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