EC NCCP Competition Coach Training for Certification Cohort

Ontario Equestrian is excited to bring a new mentoring and certification opportunity to Competition Coach – English & Western candidates this fall!

Using a cohort working together in a virtual environment, candidates in the group will work together with experienced Coach Developers Kim Woolley and Susan Caldwell through training and mentoring to prepare for certification. The cohort will kick off the training and mentoring process on September 21, 2023 and will work together until late December 2023.  At the conclusion of the cohort, candidates will be assessed and given an action plan to continue training or complete certification. Candidates who successfully demonstrate preparedness for evaluation may choose to complete their evaluation for $150 (+ HST) with the cohort evaluators.


Applicants MUST have completed all requirements to be accepted into a cohort.

Age (as of Jan 1, Current Year)18 years
ComputerAccess to a computer or laptop (phones and tablets are not recommended) with high-speed internet, video camera, microphone, Microsoft Word or document editor and a gmail address for accessing google classroom
Equestrian Canada Coach StatusMinimum current EC Registered Coach Status
EC Prerequisites Completed English level 8, old English III, Pony Club B or Western level 4 and Intermediate Rider Basic Training
Learn to RideOwn or have access to Stable Management and Learn to Ride Manuals
NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluationSuccessfully completed through CAC Locker
Understanding the Rule of Two eLearning moduleCompleted through CAC Locker
Access to a facility or environment for recording video3 Riders, 3 school horses (you must teach a group) at Learn to Ride English Level 7-8 or Western level 4 – Intermediate Rider Basic Training and facility

Selected applicants will be charged a registration fee of $620.00 +HST.


DateTime (ET)MeetingNotes
Sept 21, 20237:00pm to 8:30pmMeeting #1Introduction/Guidelines
Sept 28, 20237:00pm to 8:30pmMeeting #2Training Overview
Oct 05, 20237:00pm to 9:30pmMeeting #3EC NCCP Long-Term Equestrian Development
Oct 10, 20237:00pm to 9:30pmMeeting #4EC NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice – Module 1
Oct 12, 20237:00pm to 9:30pmMeeting #5EC NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice – EAP
Oct 17, 20237:00pm to 9:30pmMeeting #6EC NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice – Module 3
Oct 19, 20237:00pm to 9:00pmMeeting #7Analyze Beginner Equestrian Performance – Module 1
Oct 26, 20237:00pm to 9:30pmMeeting #8Analyze Beginner Equestrian Performance – Module 2
Nov 16, 20237:00pm to 9:00pmMeeting #9Lesson Plan Review
Nov 23, 20237:00pm to 8:30pmMeeting #10Mounted Group Lesson Review
Nov 30, 20237:00pm to 8:30pmMeeting #11Mounted Individual Lesson Review
Dec 07, 20237:00pm to 8:30pmMeeting #12Lunge Lesson Review
Dec 14, 20237:00pm to 8:30pmMeeting #13Help Session/Cohort Wrap-Up

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The deadline for applications for this cohort is September 07, 2023.

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