Equine Canada’s First Certification Event for Equestrian Tourism Professionals

Equine Canada’s first national evaluation to certify professional Trail Leaders, Trail Riding Instructors, Guides and Evaluators will be held at Broadleaf Guest Ranch in New Brunswick, from June 11-13. Twenty-two people from eight different provinces will be travelling east hoping to be the first certified professionals of the Trail Riding and Tourism Certification program.The Trail Riding and

Tourism Certification Program was developed to support and enhance the trail riding and equestrian tourism industry in Canada. With clear industry standards, professional trail leaders, trail riding instructors and trail guides will ensure that all Canadians and visiting tourists have the opportunity to safely enjoy and explore the country on horseback.

Equine Canada’s 2010 study showed that most riders in Canada are recreational riders. However, trail riding and equestrian tourism were the only industry sectors without clear guidelines and cohesion. Equine Canada’s goal is to support safe equestrian experiences. This can be achieved by ensuring that Canadian recreational riders have access to training and information, land and tourism venues that value the Canadian equestrian culture, cultural promotion and protection, and regional equine specificity.

With this program, Equine Canada wants to reinforce leadership in horse health and welfare, making sure all horse enthusiasts have access to practical and accurate information on these topics.

If you are interested in being certified as a professional Trail Leader, Trail Riding Instructor, Guide or Evaluator, visit the Recreation department on Equine Canada’s website for updates on future events in your area.

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