First Day in London

First day in London and what a day it was!!!

I had a smooth flight, but check in at the  hotel was frustrating as the organizer of reservations had me  as Kimberly CURTAIN!!!  The front desk would have nothing to do with the wrong spelling! It is Kimbell Kirton! Why my mother would choose  Kimbell, I don’t know? All my life I have gotten Kimberly,  Kimball come on Kimbell???  Kirton even a bigger pain!  Kurton, Kurtin, Curton, but CURTAIN? They hang on the walls!!! Yes the front desk guy is still alive and yes I have a room key!

I met up with Eric and Florence Flameng for lunch, what ever I had I can assure you I walked off!  The city of London is electric, you can hear the cheers from Buckingham Palace! Beach volleyball must be far more exciting in person! LOL Our hotel is right in the middle of Trafalgar Square, athletes from every country roam the streets!

I met up with Pierre and Christiane Verville for a quick drink at the pub across the road from our hotel. The ladies changed into their high heels and we were off to meet Eric for dinner. Eric had his game face on and went to bed early, but it was great to see him again. We stopped in at the Canadian Olympic embassy on the way home and bought some Canadian clothing for tomorrow! The ladies and their high heels managed to make it home barely without breaking an ankle.

Win or lose, what a great time with friends that are all brought together in an incredible city all because of the love for a horse! I am going to sleep now and will pray for Canada and especially Eric tomorrow! Thank you Pierre, Christiane, Ludi, Carol, Florence, Eric, Alexis and Lamazing for a great day and night!

Good night and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

– Kimbell Kirton

P.S. Michael Phelps is Amazing!!!

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