GRIT Camp Schedule & Details

The Venue

Adena Springs North

14875 Bayview Ave, Aurora, ON L4G 0K8

Stall Chart (Coming Soon!)

2023 Athletes

Olivia Blaber

Ashlynn Crowley

Rayne Dubois

Eva Kennedy

Poppy von Maltzahn

Mackenzey Nadeau

Allie Schmidt

Ruby Stringel

Becca Turnbull

Kyleigh Whitwell

Taylor Wood

Lucy Zhang

GRIT Grads

Grit Grads

The GRIT Grads archive is a collection to celebrate the graduates of the program. Search or browse the directory to read more on their success stories and connect with them through social media.

2023 GRIT Coaches

  • Anne Auty
  • Carly Campbell-Cooper
  • Lauren Hayes
  • Mark Hayes
  • John Jamieson
  • Greg Kuti
  • Kendal Lehari
  • Sarah Long
  • Amy Millar
  • Sandra Patterson
  • Kelley Robinson
  • Belinda Trussell

2023 High Performance 1 Coaches

  • Alicia Harper
  • Brittney Simpson
  • Chelsea Van Lierde
  • Dominique Maida
  • Erica Van Meenen
  • Isabelle Ouellet
  • Jeanine Van Der Sluijs
  • Jenna Rogerson
  • Jennifer Levie
  • Justin Ridgewell
  • Katie Hourigan
  • Kendal Lehari 
  • Lindsay Beer
  • Melissa Boutin
  • Sandra Donnelly

Ontario Equestrian Team

GRIT Technical Advisor: Christilot Boylen

GRIT Technical Advisor: Ian Millar

GRIT Program Advisor: Ruth Allum

Executive Director: Tracey McCague-McElrea

Manager of Sport: Hilary Gregory


Chair: Danielle Glanc

Director of Marketing and Communication: Brandon Hall

Manager of Coaching: Charlayne Szafranski

Project Lead – Stables Program: Helen Richardson

Membership Coordinator: Taylor Cornwell

Course Designer/Clinician: Rob Carey

Production: Mike Feld

Photography: Andre-Anne Brunet

Ring Crew: Natalie Hunter, Priya Hall, Claire Lumb, Daryl Tjin, Ainsley Bartlett, Ryan Yaghdjian

Adena Springs North

Nikki Walker

Maria Turner

Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

Elevating People and Performances – CSIO

Ryan Anderson

Murray McCullough

Fiona Meikle

HP1 Equestrian Canada Team

Equestrian Canada. Representing, promoting, and developing horse sport and interests in Canada.

Sophie Balogh