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GRIT Coaches are welcome to register through NCCP Analyze Equestrian High Performance offered by Equestrian Canada in partnership with Ontario Equestrian through GRIT.

The NCCP Analyze Equestrian High-Performance course is designed to help Coaches develop their analytical skills. 

Upon completion, you will be able to: 

  • Analyze technical and tactical performance for factors that influence performance;
  • Analyze technical and tactical performance by observing and defining key performance factors that affect technical and tactical performance;
  • Analyze technical and tactical performance by applying the principles of motion to detect and correct key performance factors;
  • Discuss the use of technology to assist in analyzing technical and tactical performance;
  • Identify strategies to monitor and evaluate technical and tactical performance;
  • Implement and assess the effectiveness of corrections.
  • Professional Development Points will be acquired and this training will be reflected in both The Locker’s and the Campus’s transcripts.
  • To register or obtain more details please contact Sophie Balogh (


Equestrian Canada’s NCCP Competition Development: HP1 Coach is an advanced certification for coaches working with competitive athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete for the stages of development aspiring to compete internationally. The training involved in this certification is also relevant for coaches working with athletes in the Competitive for the Life stage of athlete development. This certification is aligned with the objectives and learning outcomes of the GRIT Program.

HP1 Coach are evaluated on their ability to:

  • present a clearly articulated coaching philosophy
  • demonstrate the ability to make ethical decisions and put your coaching philosophy into practice
  • manage team, facility, and program logistics including appropriate agreements, competition planning, and emergency action planning
  • provide a safe welcoming and inclusive environment for all athletes (human & equine), which promotes learning and supports the development
  • demonstrate a strong understanding of foundational skills, the ability to identify the root cause of technical & tactical skills to design and implement developmentally appropriate training sessions that enhance both horse and rider performance
  • present a developmentally appropriate yearly training and competition plan (human & equine) that addresses technical, tactical, physiological, and mental performance skills in preparation for international competition environments

The EC NCCP Competition Development: HP1 cohort process is intended to create a supportive group environment and structured process for coaches to engage in learning and demonstrate coaching competencies. The  GRIT Fall Training Camp will act as the cohort’s Performance Analysis and Advanced Practice Planning through auditing the program.

Select GRIT athletes will be asked to participate in Q&A and debriefing sessions with EC staff and cohort coaches.

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