Session & Clinician Information

Mounted Training

Day 1 of the GRIT camp focuses on the precise technique and skill required of both horse and rider as athletes.     

Ian Millar & Christilot Boylen will demonstrate and emphasize the importance of symmetry and straightness in producing quality paces, as well as providing a referent model of balance, quickness, and suppleness in both horse and rider.

The emphasis in working with the GRIT riders on day 1 will be on the detection of areas of technical and physical skill development that need refinement for improved overall performance.

Day 2 serves as an opportunity to apply corrective practice to the identified skills from Day 1.  Horses and Riders will work to practice and apply the concepts demonstrated and discussed so far as they work to improve technical skills. 

GRIT Athlete Mental Performance Workshop

These athlete-centred workshops will emphasize mental skills training to optimize performance under pressure and on demand. Mental skills training aims to empower performers with cognitive and behavioural techniques that help them excel in both training and competition. During these sessions, GRIT athletes will learn core mental skills including stress management/relaxation, attention modulation, effective thinking patterns, attention regulation, performance routines, and visualization.

Support Team Mental Performance Workshop

These sessions will provide an overview of the core mental skills that athletes will develop through the GRIT mental performance series. We will discuss opportunities for coaches and family members to reinforce and encourage the application of performance-enhancing skills in the Daily Training Environment (DTE) and everyday
life. Additionally, coaches and parents will receive practical tips and techniques to support key performance factors such as confidence and motivation among their riders.

Tracy Jones – Chief Executive Officer, King Animal Hospital

Tracy Jones MBA brings over 25 years of dynamic leadership experience from the human health sector to her role as CEO of King Animal Hospital. A trailblazer in her field, Tracy seamlessly transitioned her expertise to veterinary healthcare, recognizing the opportunity to elevate the standard of care for our beloved animal companions.

Since assuming leadership in 2021, Tracy has collaborated closely with the Hospital’s founders to translate their compassionate vision into tangible results. Her extensive background working alongside clinicians has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of teamwork in implementing innovative solutions and prioritizing patient-centred care. Tracy’s commitment to excellence is evident in her continuous pursuit of education, including earning her Master of Business Administration from the Sandermoen School of Business/University of Fredericton. She holds three Master’s Certificates from the Schulich School of Business, specializing in leadership and innovation, underscoring her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

With a proven track record of leadership spanning both Canadian and US healthcare systems, Tracy has managed organizations with up to 1500 employees and operating budgets of up to 90 million dollars. In 2020, her organization was honoured with the prestigious Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures award, a testament to her commitment to fostering a positive work environment. Tracy’s leadership style is characterized by her visibility and respect for the clinical teams she collaborates with, a reflection of her unwavering dedication to improving patient care. With this new chapter in veterinary healthcare, Tracy remains steadfast in her mission to drive innovation and deliver exceptional care to our cherished animal companions.

Dr. Darryl Bonder, DVM – Chief Medical Officer (Equine Division), King Animal Hospital

Dr. Darryl Bonder is a distinguished pioneer in equine healthcare, renowned for his expertise and contributions to the field. Graduating with honours from the University of Guelph in 1977, Dr. Bonder quickly established himself as a leader in equine medicine and surgery, earning the prestigious Fowler Award for highest proficiency in equine medicine and surgery.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Bonder has accumulated a wealth of experience across various domains of equine practice. From racetrack practice to ambulatory farm practice, and from full surgical hospital facilities to equine nuclear medicine, his expertise spans the breadth of the industry. Dr. Bonder’s dedication to advancing equine healthcare is evident through his extensive involvement in professional associations and committees. He has served as the President of the Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners and as a member of the Federal Drug Advisory Committee to Racetracks Canada. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise to organizations such as the Equine Guelph Research Committee and the Grayson Foundation Jockey Club Research Advisory Committee.

With over four decades of experience, Dr. Bonder continues to shape the future of equine medicine. Dr. Bonder’s commitment to innovation and compassionate care has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and clients alike, solidifying his reputation as a true pioneer in equine healthcare. As the Owner and Medical Director of Ontario Equine Hospital from 2019 to 2023, he led with distinction and continues setting the standard for excellence in equine care now as CMO at King Animal Hospital.