Important Survey for Equestrian Competition/Event Organizers and Managers

In order to assist the Canadian Food Inspection Agency with its effort to eradicate Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) – once commonly referred to as Swamp Fever – and its crippling impact on the Canadian herd, Equine Canada’s Competitions Committee supports show organizers requesting proof of a negative EIA test as a condition of entry. Together with the EC Horse Health and Welfare Committee, an EIA fact sheet was developed and circulated this spring to competition organizers recommending this as a best practice going forward.

Equine Canada has now developed a brief survey in order to provide them with a ‘snapshot’ of the competitions environment to see how this may be impacting the spread or control of the disease. Feedback from this survey will be utilized by the EC Horse Health and Welfare and Competition committees to develop further disease-prevention guidelines for use by event organizers.

CLICK HERE to participate in the survey.

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