Need an Equine Canada Passport ASAP? Apply Online Today!


 Equine Canada reminds owners and riders that they apply for their horse passports for the 2014 competition season to avoid any additional rush delivery charges by using the easy online application system.

The online step-by-step application guide will help you apply for a horse passport. Straightforward and easy to follow, this page walks you through each step of the process. Once the submission is complete, a temporary horse passport will be available to print and use until your passport is received in the mail – this temporary passport will last 21 days.

As long as you have the proper information and documents, you can have a temporary passport within minutes and be off to your event!

The online system is available 24/7, every day of the year, making this process accessible to you anytime day or night, in any time zone, from anywhere in the world. Avoid last minute stress, apply online today!

Benefits of applying online:

Applying online will not only save you money, it will save you time. Submitting online avoids the hassles and costs incurred for copying photos, processing all documents, packaging to mail in your application. There’s also the benefit of knowing the application has been safely received by Equine Canada when you receive your electronic confirmation of receipt!

Apply online HERE.

If you would still prefer to download the forms and apply by regular mail, a mail in option is available as well.

Download and apply by mail HERE.

**Please remember; “rush applications” will not be processed until all valid documents are received by Equine Canada** 


Equine Canada passport $ 68.25

Current horse licence $ 12.00

Subtotal $ 80.25

Rush Fees/Charges

Charges associated with the “Rush passport” vary depending on the day needed. To be processed within three business days, an extra fee of $40.00 is added on top of the regular Equine Canada passport fee. To be processed within 24 hours, an extra fee of $60.00 is added on top of the regular Equine Canada passport fee. An express post shipping fee of $12.00 is included in these charges.

About Equine Canada passports

Equine Canada passports are mandatory documents for all horses and ponies entering Dressage, Eventing, Hunter and Jumper competitions. All horses must have either a valid EC passport with a current horse license sticker or be registered at each competition where passports are required. Applying early and online will ensure the prevention of any additional charges and shipping fees.

For any additional information such as: Buy/Renew, Change of ownership, Change of name or Replacement passports CLICK HERE 

For step-by-step information on how to complete your application CLICK HERE


For further information please contact:

Tracy Flynn
EC Passports Sports Licence Administrator


Christine Rowland
EC Passports Sports Licence Administrator


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