Organized for Friday

Good morning!!! My check list is complete! Bird, squirrel, wild turkey, chipmonk,raccoon, and dog food stocked! Banking, nails, and groceries done! Hummingbird food pre made, to do list put on fridge! (hopefully someone will read it!) LOL Hair dyed, ride to airport arranged! Pick up from airport arranged! Schedule on fridge so Kevin can PVR Olympic jumping! Pep talk to all Midget Mountain residents done! Trying to print boarding pass, won’t work! I will try later! One last thing to do, confirm gate where I will be meeting friends after I land so we can share a car to the hotel!!! Very excited to have dinner with Eric and the crowd! I know I told you how excited I am, but now that I am completely ready I am over the top! I’m sorry to report one major glitch!!! As I was zipping my suitcase, I received a thousand texts and a thousand phone calls!!! What do you mean you are arriving thursday? In my excitement I read my ticket WRONG!!! LMAO I am now very organized to arrive on friday!!! OOPS So now for sure this time I have one more sleep!!!
– Kim

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