Rookie Riders

Rookie Riders provides an opportunity for children to experience the joy of the equestrian sport in a fun-filled program.

Rookie Riders LogoThe program teaches activities and skills that are fundamental to success in horseback riding. It includes basic gymnastics on mats, and on a “barrel horse” and concludes with an introduction to riding. It is a core skill-building program that benefits all disciplines.

It is also a safe opportunity to introduce the sport to children we hope will become passionate and continue to progress in the sport with you as their certified coach or instructor.

Instructors can schedule their own programs, offer programming in conjunction with local clubs, and be booked to deliver programming established by Ontario Equestrian. Instructors must be a minimum of 14 years old and equestrian experience level and will be provided with the training and support required to be successful.

About the Program

Program Objectives

  • Safe and fun Introduction to riding skills, horses, and horsemanship – Riding and Gymnastic activities focus on developing the skills used in equestrian sport
  • Introduce OR reinforce movement skills within the FUNdamental stage of long-term equestrian and athlete development.
  • Group and individual activities
  • Provides physical, mental, and emotional engagement
  • Participants finish with a:
    o   Strong foundation in the National Learn to Ride Program – Level 1 (English and Western); and a
    o   Rookie Riders Certificate of Completion

How to Become an Instructor

This training will enable NCCP Certified Coaches and Instructors to deliver the Rookie Rider program at their facility. As a certified coach or instructor, you will be provided with the resources required to run the program, including:

  • Horsemanship Handouts and Quizzes
  • Free Access to PLAYbuilder
  • Access to over 150 Rookie Riders activities
  • Access to over 25 Rookie Riders Pre-built lesson plans
  • Ability to create personalized lesson plans
  • Rookie Riders Certificates of Completion
  • Rookie Riders Barrel Adoption Certificates

For an understanding of the skill development objectives typically taught at the “FUNdamental” stage of athlete development, review the Long Term Athlete/Equestrian Development program, HERE.

To become certified to deliver the Rookie Riders Program, please visit our Events Calendar for the next training opportunity and view our How to get started guide!

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