Return to Competition Sanctioning Requirements

June 10, 2021
As we enter into Ontario’s Reopening Plan and competition organizers prepare to welcome you back to their venues, we would like to outline the criteria required for competitions to be sanctioned by Ontario Equestrian (OE), on behalf of Equestrian Canada (EC). As of today, June 10, 2021 Ontario Equestrian has not sanctioned any competitions. The authority on whether and when horse shows may take place lies with the competition organizers local public health. Unless there is clear evidence of collaboration with public health, showing that the particular horse show is within the parameters of local health guidelines, OE cannot sanction the event.  The current documents required by competition organizers in order to receive sanctioning include: 

  1. Evidence of Collaboration with Local Authorities:
    • Organizers must ensure that they are aware of and complying with the regulations and guidelines of the federal, provincial/territorial and regional authorities responsible for COVID-19 operations. To support the enhanced safety of all participants, competition organizers must demonstrate collaboration with the appropriate local authority. 
    • This collaboration with local authorities must be documented and submitted to the Ontario Equestrian.
  2. Provide a COVID host preconditions agreement and waiver: 
    • Complete a WHO Risk Assessment form
    • Provide COVID-19 Biosecurity protocols 
    • Ensure all attendees are signing the OE Waiver 1 x per competition 
    • Ensure all attendees are signing the OE Daily Attestation, each and every day they attend the facility 
  3. If the above documentation is received, in addition to the standard competition sanctioning documents (including a certificate of insurance), OE will approve sanctioning. 

Our goal is to provide the safest return to competition possible and support the Silver and Bronze-level competition organizers in making this possible.
All Gold-level and above Hunter/Jumper and Dressage sanctioning, along with all Eventing sanctioning is done through Equestrian Canada. We invite you to reach out to EC with any questions around their sanctioning requirements.

For further questions specific to Bronze and Silver competitions or to renew your OE, Ontario Hunter Jumper Association (OHJA) or Ontario Eventing Association (OEA) memberships, we invite you to contact the OE office:


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