Show Jumping Day 1

Day one of show jumping!!! WOW!!!

My day started at 9am, we all met at Eric’s hotel where he had arranged a driver to take us to the show. We all received our tickets at the front gates from Marie, it was like Christmas. 4 days worth of prime time seating to see the greatest show on earth! We all decided not to eat until we arrived at the show as our tickets were VIP (one would think we would need room for all the VIP food! Not!) They were only serving champagne, lunch at 2pm, too late!!!

The jumping was incredible: Tiffany 8 faults, Jill 5 faults, Ian 6 faults and Yes Eric was clear!!! He gave us a big wave on the way out!!! There were some amazing rounds and some not so amazing!!! Watching Beezie Madden get eliminated made us all speechless, Christian Ahlmann a big favorite for gold went with a surprising 15 faults at the last 3 jumps! Did I mention Eric went CLEAR!!!

The show ended at 2pm and we all went to a pub to meet for hopefully some food! It was packed with a lot of familiar faces. Torchy, Betsy,and Hilliary Miller, Ian, Jonathon and Amy Millar, The Hendry family, Laura and Brent Balisky, Tiffany, Rebeca and Lynn Foster, Nibs, Marie Fraise, Eric, Christiane and Pierre Verville, Eric and Florence Flameng, Denis Lynch, Mark Laskin, John Fleischhacker,Carol and Ludi Sollak, Alexis,  Keith, a few Aussies, oh how could I forget Yann Candele (if I left anyone out or spelled your name wrong please forgive me, I know how it feels!) Still no sign of food until I was so famished I ate a sausage roll with mashed green peas, anyone that knows me well can understand how hungry I must have been to eat this thing. I don’t eat meat and I hate peas!

It was so cool to see all the Canadians sticking together talking about great rounds, great disappointments, and all and all a great time! After all we are at the Olympics with friends and family. The weather is not bad, it changes so quickly that as soon as you put your raincoat on it stops. All of London is filled with athletes and fans crowding the streets and restaurants sporting their flags and colours!

I managed an hour nap before dinner, not  enough time! Eric took us to a restaurant that he had already tried out called “Sketch” WOW! This is definitely the coolest most modern restaurant club I have ever been to! Eric had dinner and went back to his hotel early and once again I was treated to another incredible evening by the most wonderful people on earth! Did I mention what an amazing time I am having?  Did I mention what an amazing job London has done? We have all decided to meet for breakfast tomorrow so  I don’t have to eat green eggs and ham!!! LOL

Cross your fingers for Canada tomorrow! I can’t wait!

Yours truly, Kimbell

P.S. The OEF banner is hanging proudly in the stables!

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