What is the true role of Protein?

Let’s start by pointing out that protein is essential to life. Indeed, it accountsfor approximately 80% of the overall structure of the horse, not counting water and body fat. The primary role of protein is to provide the horse with the amino acids necessary for growthand tissue repair. More precisely, amino acids are the building […]

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Using Nutrition to Prevent Colic

Impactions As powerful and vivacious as they may seem, under certain conditions, horses are susceptible to some serious health problems. In very little time, various types of colic can destroy an animal’s vigor and vitality. Quite often colic can lead to major complications which can go as far as death. But the good news is […]

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Preventing Joint Injuries in the Performance Horse

Though powerful, horses are also fragile. Since we are consistently pushing their limits, performance horses are the most vulnerable of all. The saying “illness comes on horseback but departs on foot” could easily be referring to the joint injuries that afflict far too many of our horses. Unfortunately, these injuries are quite difficult to treat. […]

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