Horse Nutrition in Winter

Winter is upon us once again, complete with bad weather and freezing temperatures.  In general, horses are better able to tolerate extreme cold than the extreme heat. When the temperature drops, they may need our help, especially if they spend the season outside. From a nutritional standpoint, there are certain things you should do to […]

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Introducing the 2023 GRIT Team

GREAT RIDER INTENSIVE TRAINING (GRIT) Unique in equestrian sport, GRIT sets the standard for high-performance equestrian development by providing athlete testing, education, enhanced training, and support services to riders that demonstrate podium potential, ages 13 to 26. GRIT is a high-performance athlete and coach development program for the three Olympic disciplines of eventing, dressage, and […]

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2020 GRIT Team Announcement

The program is called GRIT – Great Rider Intensive Training. After a year of program development, with the support of Olympic discipline experts, Ontario Equestrian launched an exciting new Provincial athlete development program in November of 2019. Following an overwhelming response to our initial call for applications, 20 riders have been selected to the team […]

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