The OEF is now Ontario Equestrian

Richmond Hill, ONT. – After an in-depth strategic review, the Ontario Equestrian Federation is beginning a new, more member- focused direction as Ontario Equestrian (OE). The Provincial Sport Organization’s re-launch demonstrates that Ontario Equestrian has refined its focus by providing relevant programming to support equestrians at all levels of participation. The purpose is to serve its 22,000 members more effectively.

As part of its re-launch, Ontario Equestrian is repositioning itself as “the community for equestrian sport in Ontario”. This clearer, more inclusive vision for the future is the reason why the organization has decided to drop the word “federation” from its name – without it, the tone of the organization becomes more welcoming for all equestrians.

The updated logo is a visual representation of the most important aspect of all equestrian sport: the horse. The profile of a horse at the centre of a circle was created using multiple intertwining circles, each representing different equestrian communities and disciplines within the Ontario Equestrian organization.

The ‘Ontario’ in the logo shows the pathway from ones first interaction with a horse in the first “O” and can take the rider as far along the path as they choose, all the way to potentially represent Canada in the final “O”. Every equestrian in Ontario will have their own experience and OE wants to make sure they do everything they can to make it a rewarding one.

The website has also been reorganized to perform as a pathway for new and experienced equestrians alike. When members, and future members, visit they’ll see a more streamlined design and user experience. The more concise navigation and content will help users get to the information they need quickly and easily.

Ontario Equestrian invites its members to join them in celebrating the organization’s new direction at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on November 7, 2017, at 5:30pm in Heritage Court. To learn more, visit the new and improved website at

About Ontario Equestrian:

Ontario Equestrian has provided support, education and governance for equestrian sport for over 40 years. As the recognized Provincial Sport Organization for Equestrian in the province, Ontario Equestrian is dedicated to promoting equestrian sport and providing programs, while establishing supports and guidelines for a safe and level field of play for both equine and human athletes.

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For further information please contact:

Brandon Hall
Marketing & Communications Manager  

905-709-6545 Ext. 30
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