CIEC Daily Wrap-Up – October 4, 2014

The Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships is a sanctioned Equine Canada competition. This team event offers athletes the opportunity to test their skills against their peers from across Canada.

The Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships is a collaborative event between the national and provincial sport organizations governing equestrian competition, whereby provincial/territorial sport organizations field teams representing their respective province/territory. It also acts a key event in the development of equestrian’s next generation of national, international and world champions. In addition, it is a platform for talent identification for athletes, coaches and officials.

Team Quebec’s Juliette C. Barolet Leads Going into Final Day

At the Blainville Equestrian Park, dressage riders from across Canada came out to perform a second test representing their province in less than ideal weather conditions. Unfazed by the rainfall, Juliette C. Barolet of Rosemère, QC conquered day two with a score of 68.548% at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships aboard Linda Robert’s 14-year-old Canadian Warmblood gelding, Docaprio L.

“Being first two days in a row is a great feeling,” stated Barolet. “I wasn’t expecting it but it’s very exciting, and I couldn’t have asked for him to be better. I’m here to have fun and that’s what I’m doing.”

Barolet was a testament to the required directives. The test called for a demonstration of quality tempo, balanced transitions and consistent contact with the bit. She demonstrated her aptitude and understanding with precision and refinement.

In second, with 68.226%, was Allison Stewart of Team New Brunswick and her seven-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Declan. Team British Columbia’s Lisa Schultz moves up the ranks to third with a score of 67.742% on Dances With Dante, Karine Clement’s eight-year-old Hanoverian gelding that she has leased for the event.

Dressage results

Place / Rider / Hometown / Horse / Score

1st / Juliette C. Barolet / Rosemère, QC / Docaprio L / 68.548%
2nd / Allison Stewart / Kingsley, NB / Declan / 68.226%
3rd / Lisa Schultz / Surrey, BC / Dances With Dante* / 67.742%
4th / Audrey Albert / Repentigny, QC / Mélodie / 65.484%
5th / Nicole Sullivan / Nine Mile Rider, NS / Micka* / 65.161%
6th / Mathilde Caron-Jacques / La Prairie, QC / Dancing Queen / 64.194%
7th / Marilynn Canitz / Saskatoon, SK / Kinsale* / 64.032%
8th / Courtney Palleson / Surrey, BC / Brio Du Domaine* / 63.71%
9th / Colleen Beres / Melville, SK / Riverdance* / 60.645%
10th / Loni Atwood / Gander, NL / Whisper III / 60.484%

Team Quebec still holds first place with 272.607% going into the final day of competition of team competition. With 264.019%, Team British Columbia is in second, while New Brunswick is in third with 255.593%.

“What a great performance,” commented Marie-Claire Savard, Team Quebec’s chef d’équipe. “The footing was not really good, but Juliette rode really well and worked right through it. We are all wishing her good luck for tomorrow.”

Riders will perform their last test on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. EDT for a final chance to earn marks towards the individual and team competition.

A Test Against the Weather and Time

The Speed Round proved to be a challenge in obstacles, track and weather. Of the seven clear rounds, Team Saskatchewan’s Paige Hodson powered through the footing for a time of 66.47 to win the class. Only having leased Camille Ostiguy’s eight-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Run Forest Run, for this event, her ability to assess her track and make educated judgements on a new horse and then come out on top is incredible.

“It’s my second time being here at the CIEC and it’s really tough coming in on a leased horse,” said Hodson. “I was really lucky and got a nice horse. He is really honest, wants to jump for you and he’s really careful. I just had to trust him today and let him do his job. He almost felt like he enjoyed being in the mud, so it didn’t affect him at all.”

Katz Pillar of Team British Columbia aboard Charlotte, John Kerr’s mare that was also leased for this event, finished in second place, clocking in at 67.39. Only a hundredth of a second behind, in a time of 67.40, was Team Quebec’s Emmanuelle Ruscio and her six-year-old RPSI mare EWSZ’s Jolita.

Jumping results

Place / Rider / Hometown / Horse

1st / Paige Hodson / Casa Rio, SK / Run Forest Run*
2nd / Katz Pillar / Abbotsford, BC / Charlotte*
3rd / Emmanuelle Ruscio / Laval, QC / EWSZ’a Jolita
4th / Alexa Bennett / York, ON / Tenacity
5th / Kathleen Youden / Aylesford, NS / Pravda
6th / Molly Smith / Island View, NB / Ballorig
7th / Maggie Omer-Canitz / Saskatoon, SK / Indigo*
8th / Justine Cloutier / Waterville, QC / Elf
9th / Alex Jamael / Mactaquac, NB / Raphaella M
10th / Gabrielle Oleski / Winnipeg, MB / White Oleander*

Going into the final day of competition, Team Quebec is in the lead by seven points with a total of 44. In second, with 37 points, is Team New Brunswick, and Team Saskatchewan has 36 points for third.

“We are so proud of our whole team,” commented Krissy Fiddler, chef d’équipe of Team Saskatchewan. “Paige rides with such confidence and dedication that we know that when she comes out, she’s here to compete and she showed us that today.”

At 11:00 a.m. EDT on October 5, the jumpers will compete in the CIEC Mini Prix for their final round. Points from all three days will be combined to determine the overall champions of the discipline.

Team Quebec Holds Maintains First Place After Day Two

Meghan Côté of Team Quebec earns top marks at the 2014 CIEC in day two of the reining competition. Riding her seven-year old Quarter Horse mare, Top Meg Boogies, Côté came out and gave it her all. She walked in to the arena and executed consistent spins to centred stops in each direction. As she continued on the pattern to do her fast and slow circles and her rollbacks, she showed her horse off very well. Earning 71.5 points secured her first place position and earned Team Quebec another first place ribbon in reining.

“It’s my first time at the CIEC and I’m feeling good about my performance so far,” commented Côté. “Everything was really consistent and it all came together. It’s really fun being here together with other disciplines. We are a real team.”

In second place was Côté’s team mate Stéphanie Aubut and her horse Smart Custom Star, an eight-year-old Quarter Horse gelding with 70.5 points, and in third was Team Ontario’s Elizabeth Barkley and her 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare, A Little Dun It with 70 points.

Reining results

Place / Rider / Hometown / Horse / Score

1st/ Meghan Côté / St-Jean Chrysostone, QC / Top Meg Boogies / 71.5
2nd/ Stéphanie Aubut / L’Ange-Gardien, QC / Smart Custom Star / 70.5
3rd / Elizabeth Barkley / Pefferlaw, ON / A Little Dun It / 70
4th / Geneviève Côté /  St-Jean Chrysostone, QC / Captain Whizy Jack / 69.5
5th / Carol Weiler / Saskatoon, SK / Rowdy Flashy Lass* / 69
6th / Raelyn Serhan / Hudson Bay, SK / A Gun Deal* / 68.5
6th / Rhonas Thomson / Trenton, NS / Sumac Royal Theory / 68.5
8th / Lynn Semchuk / Battleford, SK / Miss Reminic’N’Dunit* / 67.5
8th / Kathy Furtado / Pefferlaw, ON / She’s A Great Deal / 67.5
8th / Amanda Peters / Port Perry, ON / Clays Peppy Train / 67.5

With 282 points Team Quebec remains in the lead, followed by Ontario with 275.5. Team Saskatchewan is in third with 273 points.

“It’s been a great show for the reining team. We are so proud of them all,” said Savard. “Many of the athletes have never seen reining before and now they love it. I don’t have to say ‘let’s go to reining,’- they all just come. This certainly makes for great team spirit.”

Reiners will complete their final run tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EDT. With the combined results from the event to determine the CIEC champions.

The Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships brings together Junior and Senior teams in jumping, dressage and reining. Riders compete as teams and as individuals. Jumping courses are set at 1.10m, dressage competitions use Level 1 tests, and the reiners will be performing three official reining patterns. The three top individuals and teams in each discipline are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition, a Championship trophy is awarded to the provincial team with the highest cumulative number of points across all disciplines.

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