EC NCCP Competition Coach Specialist Training for Certification Cohort Pilot

Ontario Equestrian is excited to bring a new mentoring and certification opportunity to Competition Coach Specialist – English candidates this winter!

Using a cohort working together in a virtual environment, candidates in the group will work together with experienced Coach Developers Ruth Allum (HP1 – Eventing) and Jill Stedman (HP1 – Dressage) through training and mentoring to prepare for certification. The cohort will kick off the training and mentoring process on Jan 16, 2024 and will work together until mid 2024 with in-competition evaluations taking place in spring/summer 2024. 

Western disciplines will be added to future cohorts.


Applicants MUST have completed all requirements to be accepted into a cohort.

Age (as of Jan 1, 2024)20 years
ComputerAccess to a computer or laptop (phones and tablets are not recommended) with high-speed internet, video camera, microphone, Microsoft Word or document editor and a gmail address for accessing google classroom
Equestrian Canada Coach StatusMinimum current EC Registered Coach Status
EC Prerequisites Competition Coach certification (may be challenged in some cases) and at least two (2) years of coaching experience producing athletes competing at:

Dressage: Second Level or higher, with at least one (1) minimum score of 65% at an EC Gold-sanctioned competition.

Eventing: Athletes meeting Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MER) at the national Training Level or above.

Jumping: Athletes who are successfully completing courses in the hunter (3”) and/or jumper (1.0m) divisions at EC Silver or Gold sanctioned competitions.
Learn to RideOwn or have access to Stable Management and Learn to Ride Manuals
NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluationSuccessfully completed through CAC Locker
Understanding the Rule of Two eLearning moduleCompleted through CAC Locker
Access to a facility or environment for recording videoCompetitive rider(s), horse(s) at required performance level and facility or environment for recording video
Recommended Training prior to cohort Cohort candidates are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take EC NCCP LTED and EC NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice prior to the cohort. Both are offered online through the EC ECampus

Selected applicants will be charged a registration fee of $880.00 +HST. Additional costs for in-Competition evaluation may be incurred.


WeekDateTime (ET)MeetingNotes
Week 1Jan 16, 202412:00 to 2:00pmMeeting #1Introduction/Guidelines
Week 2Jan 23, 202412:00 to 3:00pmMeeting #2EAP/Lesson Plan and LTED Overview
Week 3Jan 30, 202412:00 to 4:00pmMeeting #3EC NCCP Design an Equestrian Sport Program – Modules 1 & 2
Week 4Feb 06, 202412:00 to 4:00pmMeeting #4EC NCCP Design an Equestrian Sport Program – Modules 3 & 4
Week 5Feb 13, 202412:00 to 4:00pmMeeting #5EC NCCP Manage an Equestrian Sport Program – Modules 1 & 2
Week 6Feb 20, 202412:00 to 3:00pmMeeting #6Portfolio Prep
Week 7Feb 27, 202412:00 to 3:00pmMeeting #7Analyze Equestrian Performance
Week 8Mar 05, 202412:00 to 2:00pmMeeting #8Lesson Video Review
Week 9Apr 02, 202412:00 to 2:00pmMeeting #9In-Competition Evaluation Prep

The cohort will use Google Classroom for reference materials and document/video submission.  Cohort candidates must have a Gmail address to use for access to the Google Classroom.

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The deadline for applications for this cohort is January 05, 2024.

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EC NCCP Competition Coach Specialist Training for Certification Cohort Pilot