New Guide Helps Coach Candidates Navigate Certification Process

PrintBecoming a certified coach just got a bit easier thanks to A Guide to Coach Certification, a new handbook launched by the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF).

The new guide is designed to make the certification process easily understandable to coach candidates, helping them navigate the requirements to become certified.

“We’re experiencing an increased interest in the coaching program,” says Pam Coburn, manager of the OEF’s coaching department. “This guide takes a relatively complex system and simplifies it so it’s not so daunting for people who are thinking of becoming a coach.”

A Guide to Coach Certification covers the different coaching levels offered, how to register as a candidate, what to expect at your evaluation and how to maintain your certified coaching status. It also explains the role of certified coaches in the context of the Long-Term Athlete Development model, which provides a framework for the development of athletes in all sports.

“Certified coaches play such an integral role in the development of our sport,” says Coburn. “This guide highlights the value of the coaching program and its benefits to all participants, parents, coaches and facility operators. We want to inspire and encourage everyone with an interest in coaching to take the next step and become a certified instructor or coach”

To read A Guide to Coach Certification click HERE.

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