Please be advised of changes to 2014 OEF membership cards

In 2014, the OEF will not be issuing plastic membership cards. Instead, members will be mailed a letter with an image of their card, plus three membership tags. If you are a member of the OHTA or OHJA, you will continue to receive your traditional plastic membership card from these organizations.

Although cost savings were a factor in our decision not to issue plastic membership cards in 2014, the new approach also came from feedback from members. We heard from some members that they preferred the membership tags as opposed to the traditional card. Many told us they didn’t even carry their card, instead carrying an image of their card on their phone.

While many of our members are satisfied with the membership tags and paper copy of the card that were supplied, we have learned that this format is not suitable for everyone. Some of our members have indicated they would prefer to receive a plastic membership card.

While we are currently examining ways we might be able to rectify this situation in the short term, please know that we will be taking your needs and suggestions into account when we are designing the 2015 cards.

As we work through this process, we hope you will find one of the following possible solutions helpful:

  • Instead of pulling them apart, leave the three membership tags attached and put them in your wallet/purse to substitute for your card.
  • Pull the membership tags apart and keep them in locations that are convenient for you (ie: on key ring, attached to saddle or bridle, in tack trunk, on zipper pull etc.)
  • If you have a phone, take a photo of your card.
  • Cut out the paper copy to keep with you. Consider laminating it if durability is a concern. A more cost effective way of protecting the card is to fold clear packing tape it.
  • Keep the paper copy in a safe place and make copies to keep in your vehicles, tack trunks, horse trailers etc.

Thank you, again, for your continued support. We will continue to do our best to serve the needs of Ontario’s equine community.

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