A Night of Celebrations

Hi Everyone!

It is a day off today. Woke up this morning and had to check myself for a pulse!!! Eric entertained a very large group for dinner last night and Tom Selleck’s daughter was one of them! When you are at an event like the Olympics everyone is a WINNER! The athletes and horses, win or lose, are giving performances that are unforgettable! Eric is a true friend to his supporters, he makes sure that everyone has the best time possible! I am afraid for the Gold Medal celebration, 5th place was hard enough on me! LMAO I missed a CBC interview this morning because I had no voice from laughing and talking until the wee hours! My British accent is coming along well, my wonderful French friends are getting there LOL!!!

Let’s all cross our fingers and toes for Ian and Eric tomorrow! All the riders start with a zero score, so anyone can win the Gold.  Gold and Silver individual would be a perfect ending!!!


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