Equine Canada Launches New Reference Guide to Basic Horsemanship and Trail Riding in Canada

Equine Canada is pleased to announce the launch of its new reference manual “A Guide to Basic Horsemanship and Trail Riding in Canada.”

This manual is an adaptation of the French book published by The Association québécoise pour le tourisme équestre et l’équitation de loisir (Québec a chéval), a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop equestrian tourism and recreational activities promoting equine welfare and safe practices.

With this manual, Equine Canada is presenting a discovery tool and reference guide intended for anyone wishing to learn and share the world of horses in playful harmony. This reference guide is for anyone who spends their free time enjoying the sights on horseback, or for anyone dreaming of an adventure on horseback!

This trail riding reference guide contains all the pertinent basic information needed to enjoy trail riding while remaining safe! It is based on current practices and tips gathered from members of the community, trail riding specialists, equine veterinarians, genetics specialists, Transport Quebec Employees, writers and knowledgeable horsemen and women.

Touring on horseback has been a part of Canada’s equestrian landscape for many years. Trail riding is more than a rider, a horse, and a trail. It is a way of life, a way of thinking, a timeless spiritual connection between the rider and everything they see, hear, and breathe while discovering what nature offers.

If you love horses and adventure and the breathtaking scenery associated with trail riding then don’t hesitate! To purchase your copy of “A Guide to Basic Horsemanship and Trail Riding in Canada” please visit the Equine Canada E-Store.


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